Saturday, October 17, 2009



Local artist Candy Stevens is back at CASPA with her latest
installation, *Yellow Box Tree. *
CASPA Director, Ben Laycock had this to say; “You’ve got it
wrong, you’re meant to make boxes out of trees, not trees out of boxes!”
Dade Kelly, CFA Volunteer had this to say, "Its a bushfire hazard, cut it down"
Eliza Tree had this to say, "Yellow Box can be a serious afliction"

The Box Tree Installation will be at CASPA from Monday 11 October 2009 until
it is chopped down for further use. Made from art supply boxes, the
installation reflects our local environment - the yellow box tree and our
local consumer- the artist, reflecting the dichotomy of living
environmentally conscious, sustaining an art practice and recognising ones
part in the hypocrisy.
My art practice deals with the duality and irony of life. This work
reflects the apparent hypocrisy of living a conscious environmentally
sustainable existence and inevitably being a part of greater society’s
constraints” said Candy.
Paradoxically the tree is also a symbol of life and growth, representing the
support of art in society. The *Yellow Box Tree, *bearing the brands of
materials used by artist to express their passions and personalities, also
symbolises the artist who nurtures the soul of society and brings forth
cultural livelihood.


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